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10 reasons why toddlers are like puppies

Have you ever noticed that toddlers are like puppies? We grew up with dogs and I’ve always hoped that one day I’ll get a puppy of my own. But then I realised toddlers are like puppies so I’ve probably already got enough on my hands!

Here are 10 reasons why I think they’re alike:

#1 They stand at the back door and whine to be let out in the garden.
You walk into the room and they turn around and look at you with their big ‘puppy dog eyes’ and if you don’t let them out, they sulk.

#2 They dribble everywhere.
Your clothes, your hair, all over your stuff. And they’ll lick your face.

#3 They are always hungry.
They look up from every meal expectant for more and they always have room for another biscuit.

#4 You will spend much of your time cleaning up after them.
Poo, wee, vomit, toys, dirt… Every day. All day long.

#5 If you leave the room you’ll inevitably return to find them chewing paper, your shoes, the furniture…
Why do they insist on chewing everything? Teeth marks left in furniture are a sure sign that you once had a puppy or a toddler.

#6 They’ll collapse exhausted and just a short nap will power them up again to full energy…
…and like the Duracell bunny, they’re off again!

#7 They need to be toilet trained. It’s messy.
They love weeing in the garden but they also love weeing in the house. Let’s be honest, they just love weeing anywhere. And, just when you think you’ve cracked the toilet training, they’ll wee on the floor again.

#8 They have sharp little teeth.
You’ll learn pretty quickly not to put your fingers near their mouths! They just can’t resist a nibble on a finger.

#9 They have an incredible ability to seek out hidden or forgotten about, food.
Whether it’s at the bottom of your handbag or behind a sofa cushion they’ll find it. They can find any food and when you go to re-hide the confiscated food you can guarantee they’ll find some more before you’re back.

#10 In spite of all the above, on the whole, they are so cute and cuddly you’ll forgive them all the poo and chewing!
Sure, in the moment, you may wonder why you every thought having one of these was a good idea, but at the end of the day when they’re snuggled on your lap and you’re stroking their hair you know you wouldn’t trade them for the world. It’s messy but it’s so worth it.

30 thoughts on “10 reasons why toddlers are like puppies

  1. Genius! ha ha fully love this. I have 2 toddlers and have been pining after having a puppy… this has really made me stop in my tracks and think a little more realistically… they are cute though…!!! Kate x

  2. Haha! Indeed. Though, if you have both dogs and toddlers you end up with other situations (like the dog trying to ‘clean up’ the failed potty training efforts if you don’t get there fast enough…or is that just my disgusting dogs?).


  3. We’re on the hunt for a fur-baby at the moment, and we’re 100% not sure whether to adopt a pup or a slightly older dog for the exact reasons above. But there is something just so magical about those puppy years!

  4. So true! I have 3 children and we got our dog 3 years ago. It was my first ever dog and I never realised just how much it would be like having a toddler. At least toddlers don’t eat the sofa!

  5. I raised a child and about four dogs in this life. Now I have two other dogs (one of them still puppy). I don’t know if I could have a baby and a dog at home at the same time. I was probably going to the insane asylum. :)))

  6. Oh my gosh, this is so funny!! I had never thought about the parallels before! I have to confess to never having had a dog (sorry…cat person here) but this post did make me chuckle at the comparison.

    1. Ha ha! We’ve never had cats so I don’t know if there are comparisons to be made?! Maybe teenagers become more catty with liking their own space and sleep!

    1. Wonderful – must have been hard to give them up each time but I guess rewarding know what they’re going on to do.
      I feel very impressed my parents managed me and my brother and puppies!

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