What does having an impact mean for you?

It’s been a while but last time I blogged I came to the conclusion that I will never be able to do ‘enough’. I will never change the WHOLE world. However, what I do know is that I want to have an impact – ‘a powerful effect‘.

Thanks to my excellent coach I came up with a tool to regularly review my impact. Now, every 3 months, a reminder pops up in my calendar and I take some time to answer three questions about my life – personal, work, everything.

  1. What impact am I having right now?
  2. What’s missing right now?
  3. What do the next three months look like?

The first time I answered these questions looked like this:
1. Creating cross-sector partnerships, connecting people, improving processes at work and bringing in members, supporting friends who are struggling, writing funerals which are helping people to say goodbye well – lots of feedback this month, helping my kids to process all the emotions we’re feeling right now!
2. Being paid enough in my job, feeling comfortable in my work space at home, work-life balance as a family whilst Pete looks for a new job.
3. Applying for new jobs whilst also pushing for a pay-rise, buying a new desk and re-arranging my home work space, helping Pete look for new jobs.

So, what happened next?

In the very next moment I ordered a new desk and I am loving my new work space. I got a pay rise AND I had an interview for another role. Pete got a new job. And, we’re shuffling work things around to create new work-life balance.

BAM! Such an effective tool.

Obviously it’s not just the tool but getting myself into the headspace of regularly reviewing my impact and setting goals around that has been so impactful. I find it super helpful to have questions which cause me to reflect and then to take action. I’m already looking forward to my next review!

I’d love to know if you found this a helpful tool. Or, if you have other way you do this kind of thinking and reflecting!

*WATCH THIS SPACE: I’m about to start using my extra day a week to provide some comms consultancy including the option for coaching so if you’d like to chat about what it might look to have someone champion you and help you to be the most honest and authentic version of you then get in touch!*


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