Double Date done. Now, time for an E date.
We thought about going to Escape, Reading (I love a puzzle!) but we needed to find more people so thought we’d save it for another time. Check out the website here though. It looks so fun! Reading friends, want to join us?
So, we plucked for an Educational date. Now, to warn you, this date might not sound fun but if you’re like me and find learning something new really satisfying but often feel you don’t have time to stop and learn then this date is for you!
We decided to use the TED website. I love TED talks. I love that you can pick a topic that you’d never even heard of and within minutes you can know more about it.
So, we found a hat and each took to our own computers to have a little browse. We wrote down four talk choices each and popped them in the hat. Then, settled down in front of the laptop, poured ourselves some wine and took it in turns to pick talks to watch. Both of us had put talks about the brain. So first, one on how a nappy can help Neuroengineers study the brain. What?! And, one on how our brain tells us where we are. I will admit both were a little much after a long day at work but both made our minds boggle at how little we know about how our brains work and how incredible they are!
Next, one on pee and poo, an interesting, and funny, talk on a taboo secret to better health which has made me really want to know where all the sewage heading out of our house is going!
Then, 10 things you didn’t know about orgasm (appropriate for a date!) which was absolutely fascinating! Who knew that the kind of studies talked about had actually been done to investigate orgasm?!
We watched a useful one called 10 ways to have a better conversation. Basically, listen. And, finally a visual history of social dance in 25 moves, really cool to see how social dance has evolved in communities through history.
We don’t often take time together to watch anything educational, more often than not we’ll opt for mindless TV (and will continue to do so!) but as a one-off it was a fun opportunity to stop and think, to see which talks we each chose and to talk about what we’d learnt together.


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