Do you have regular ‘date nights’? I’m really envious of those people who seem to manage to plan (and stick to) regular date nights. And, by ‘date nights’ I don’t mean just watching TV together, we can do that easy!

As well as seizing every opportunity to talk honestly about parenthood and faith, I’m really passionate about talking about relationships and marriage. It takes a lot of hard work to communicate well. It also takes work to be really intentional about caring for someone else emotionally. I think it’s great to be honest about that and learn from each other. So, this series is the start of a slightly more lighthearted look at marriage but I  am also going to start sharing some of what I’ve been learning and reading about when it comes to relationships too.

My husband and I go through phases of being really good about intentionally carving out ‘date’ time. We’ve had periods where we get the diary out at the start of each fortnight and pick which nights are ‘ours’, but inevitably a month or two will pass and we’ll suddenly realise life carried on and we forgot to check our diaries to plan time. We’ve been doing a free four-part marriage course over the last few weeks and found we’ve really relished setting aside quality time each week to focus on us again so we’ve now designated Tuesday nights as our ‘date nights’.

Meme of Maria Von Trapp in Sound of Music with text 'How I feel when it's date night'
Although sometimes I feel more dread at trying to make it a ‘good’ evening!

A to Z of date nights

Do you remember, a few years back, when it was suddenly really popular to do the A to Z of dating? You planned date nights and worked your way through the alphabet, e.g. A for go to an Aquarium, or do Aerobics (not my idea of a date) on 26 different dates. Well, as per most crazes, we missed it when it was cool and we thought we’d try it now. My parents and my brother and sister-in-law have both attempted the A to Z of dates, my parents getting to C and my bro and sis-in law to D. So, our aim is at least to get to E!

I love any kind of inspiration for intentional quality time together so I thought I’d share our dates with you just in case they are at all inspiring.

Here’s what we have so far:

It’s ‘A’ date

Beers, Burgers and Bourne – B Date

Courting with Chinese cooking – C Date

Double Date – D Date

An Education – E date

Fish ‘n’ Chips & Film – F date

Games night – G date

Hospital – H Date

Indian Takeaway / Night In – I Date

Jurassic Park – J date

K… any ideas anyone?


starsinclayjars · January 12, 2017 at 1:09 pm

If it makes you feel any better I’ve never even heard of the A to Z of dating!! Ideas tho… We’ve never exactly had much money, so pre-kids we used to take it in turns to cook on date night. The rule was it had to be three courses, and it had to be something we had never cooked before. Meant we actually used all the cookbooks we’d been hoarding too 😉 X

    Annie · January 12, 2017 at 1:17 pm

    I love that! That’s the same for us, as much as we’d love to, we just don’t have much spare money to do dates that cost much. I rediscovered my Wagamama’s cookbook the other day and made a few new recipes. So tasty! x

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