It’s the D Date and this time we went for a Double Date.

We invited some friends out on our double date and they then proceeded to host us for the date, dinner and have us all (toddler included) sleep over. I feel like we put in very little effort but it was a wonderful evening. Just what we needed after a week of chicken pox!

We took our toddler with us and he had his tea with his friends first, then he played and played before taking to his travel cot. He had the time of his life.

We had Daiquiris, Doritos and… curry! Sometimes you just really want an Indian takeaway right?! Turns out I hardly took any photos as I was having such a lovely time.


Clearly hungry as this is my only ‘dinner’ photo!

So often as parents, we find that the time we spend with our friends is interrupted or our time is limited. For whatever reason, it’s not always the best quality time. So, an opportunity to have a specific night to hang out with friends was most welcome. Since we’ve lived where we are now it’s the first time we’ve had a double date and sleepover with friends and there’s something really special about finding those friends who you can stay up and chat with and stay over, even though you live just down the road!


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