We started this week with grand plans for a night of ‘Fort building’ but the reality was that by the time we got to date night we were so tired we couldn’t muster up the energy!

So, we opted to for Fish ‘n’ Chips and a no thinking needed, funny film.

I chatted with a friend this week about how sometimes we feel pressure to chat deeply about our marriage when have date nights. But, whilst we do need to make time to communicate on that level, we also need to just spend fun time together. When we do that we create shared experiences which we can continue to talk about. Quality time can look different from week to week and I think the skill comes in figuring out what kind of quality time you need in your marriage for that time.

We’ve had a hectic few weeks with both of us working lots and in the short times we’ve had together we’ve actually had big deep conversations. So, what we needed for this date night was easy food, easy film watching and an opportunity to just be together.

What do you need this week in your marriage? Have you created opportunity for that?





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