Soon I won’t be able to count the number of times I’ve forgotten my blog on one hand. However, I’m going to give it another go as I’ve always got plenty to say…

If I’ve enjoyed good food, drink or service then I like to let people know so just a quick one tonight to share a few tales of lovely Brighton.

Pete and I celebrate both our birthdays and our 2nd wedding anniversary this month so we decided to do one big celebration. We packed our bags and headed off to the Sea Spray Hotel in Brighton to our Moroccan themed room. What fun! We arrived to a lovely bottle of champagne, and a box chocolates which we enjoyed before heading out on the town.

Feeling suitably merry we happily wandered the streets of Brighton and ended up at Burger and Cocktails. Who knew Giraffe also did awesome burgers and delicious cocktails?! With cocktails in a jam jar and gluten free burgers as standard we were not disappointed. I recommend the Strawberry Mule and Good Day Sunshine burger if you ever go.

The next day, after enjoying a delicious breakfast and a sauna (thanks Sea Spray Hotel!), we headed out into Brighton again.

We pottered about the Lanes and then got peckish again. On our way to find somewhere we walked past The HMS Victory, saw someone’s food and had to go in. Totally worth visiting them for gammon, egg and chips or southern fried chicken. Yum!

Now, what we did next will not be a recommendation I imagine you would all want to follow, however, we relived one of my favourite parts of my childhood and visited The Booth Museum of Natural History. Those of you who know me well know that I have a slightly unhealthy fascination with taxidermy – this started as a child and I am convinced it will continue until I am an old woman. Visiting the Booth Museum was totally worth it. I love looking at all the birds and animals, lots of them are from the 1800s (incredible!), and the museum is free! (I am incredibly grateful for a husband who would indulge my desire to visit a taxidermy museum on our anniversary.)

On our way back into Brighton we visited The Marwood which promised ‘Kick Arse Coffee’. Unfortunately, my coffee loving husband was unimpressed so perhaps worth trying somewhere else if you genuinely want good coffee! (His words were actually, “it was good, but I’ve had better, and I’d rather travel to Bath [Colonna & Smalls ] than Brighton for coffee!”)

So, all in all, a brilliant time was had in Brighton. Having spent much of my childhood in and around Brighton I’ve always loved it and I particularly love going back as an adult because there’s always something new to do or somewhere new to eat and drink.


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