How to get a toddler’s attention

Anyone else find that your kid’s name is not an effective method of getting their attention? I find myself calling over and over and over again. But, I have found that there are other ways to get my little one to come running.

#1 Rustle a packet of food of any kind. Even at the other end of the house, through many solid walls, I’ve found this method to be very effective.

#2 To be honest, just open a cupboard or the fridge. Even before you rustle a packet, they’ll know you’re looking at the food.

#3 Sit on the toilet. As soon as you sit down their little fingers will be sure to appear around the door frame.

#4  Pick up a laptop, phone, iPad or any kind of device and they’ll be desperate to see what’s on the screen.

#5 Perhaps you want to just put some recycling out quickly? Simply turn the key in the front door and your little will rush to help you and clamber over your feet to get outside.

#6 Make all sorts of noise in your room throughout the evening with no impact but as soon you want to go to sleep, simply slide the duvet back and make the quietest of noises as you slide it along the sheet and your little one will be sure to stir.

#7 Pick up any dangerous item, e.g. a knife, scissors, garden shears, tools, and they will be sure to want to ‘join in’. N.B. it must be dangerous to a toddler, craft activities or toys will not be as effective.

#8 Drop the TV remote on the ground by mistake. Toddlers know the sound of a remote and they’ll be sure to run in. The only downside here is that it will be the TV that has their attention, not you.

#9 Click a stairgate. If your toddler thinks you’re going somewhere inaccessible to them they will want to join you immediately.

#10 Move their highchair. It doesn’t matter if it’s nowhere near a meal time, if they see you touch the highchair they will come running and expectant.

6 thoughts on “How to get a toddler’s attention

  1. Agree 100%! I could be saying his name 1000 times while he is watching tv and he ignores me, but the minute I walk to the kitchen and try and eat a biscuit behind a cupboard door he appears out of nowhere! #coolmumclub

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