I was chatting to a friend about babies yesterday and recalling some nappy changing moments with my little boy. I can’t believe I forgot about the wee in my previous blog post!

My little boy can wee an impressive distance when I least expect it! I think I’ll be able to get the dirty nappy off and the clean one on quickly enough, but no, he’s ready for me! And as soon as he’s uncovered (or a little after to catch me out!) he’s producing an impressive jet stream of wee which is very hard to catch!

He’s wee’d up the wall (at home and when out), all over his clothes, over his head and onto my husband’s guitar (to name just a few places). In the middle of the night, he once wee’d in my mouth. My response? Spit it out, close my mouth and carry on. What I learnt? Being a Mum means dealing with it and carrying on!

Anyone else had this happen? Or other experiences where they’ve thought, “I can’t quite believe that happened, but even more I can’t quite believe how I just carried on!”?


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