I’ve been mulling over another feature I’d like to start on the blog and I would love to know your thoughts.

I thought about calling it ‘I wish more people would talk about…’ but actually I think perhaps there are some topics which are talked about a lot but there’s not enough actual conversation. So, ‘I wish there was more conversation about…’ is going to be an opportunity to start talking and keep talking.

My blog is already a constant honest, vulnerable, conversation about things I’d love to chat about more so I’d love to use this feature to invite others into that space, to give opportunity for others to chat honestly too.

Are there things you’d love to see chatted about?

Are there things you would love the opportunity to write about?
An experience perhaps? Something you’d love to share because you think it would help others?

I’m thinking any topic at all from flexible working to endometriosis, post-partum bodies to loneliness. You name it, we can talk about it.

Some posts might be long, some might be short. Perhaps even just a few questions or thoughts to spark conversation.

Who wants to get a conversation started?