Ok, so we copped out on our I date slightly. The plan was to pop down the road, armed with recipes, to the Exotic Superstore (it’s amazing!) and buy the ingredients to make an Indian feast. Often our dates revolve around food, and we love cooking so we were looking forward to it.

However, when the evening came we were absolutely shattered. A project I’d been working on had taken a lot of my emotional energy that day (our website had finally launched) and my husband was tired too. So, we decided to have a night in and order a takeaway.

Now, I was going to write this night off and not make it our ‘I date’, however, it was such a nice evening. We ate takeaway, drank champagne to celebrate the website, and watched a film. We don’t often order takeaway (or drink champagne) and we’re not very good at doing intentional nights in together. By intentional I mean, putting away all the devices and choosing an activity to do together all evening. So, this date was our Intentional night in with Indian takeaway (to be fair, it does have a lot of i’s in it) and it was lovely.

We’re trying to plan exciting and different alphabet dates but there’s nothing quite like a night in together curled up on the sofa with good food and good drink. What’s your favourite way to spend a night in?



starsinclayjars · September 2, 2017 at 7:53 pm

Not managed to watch the videos yet, but very excited about the website 🙂 such a valuable tool for us “former-nonnies”! Well done… champagne deserved 😉 xx

Jurassic Park – J Date · May 29, 2020 at 11:58 pm

[…] we started off really keen to complete our full A to Z of dates but it seems that we paused after letter I and didn’t even notice! Such is parenthood it seems. We did, however, complete our J date […]

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