Someone asked me yesterday why I’d started blogging about motherhood and I explained that it was because I’d had quite a few honest conversations with other Mums and Mums-to-be and realised that those conversations aren’t always the norm; the agony of breastfeeding or the reality of actually giving birth aren’t often shared in great detail. And, in fact, it was those conversations that encouraged me most and helped me realise I was just the same as everyone else. So, I decided I was going to be honest!

It’s with that in mind that this post is written (don’t keep reading if you have a weak stomach!)…

Last night the little guy and I travelled back home from a baby shower just the two of us. It was just over an hour car journey. I’d planned it perfectly, he bathed with his little friend and drank his milk before we left. Then he was to sleep all the way home and I’d transfer him into his cot for the night when we got home…

He did fall asleep but then halfway through the journey was very awake again and just looking around (I have a little mirror so can see him behind me). I thought this was odd but hoped he’d go back to sleep. Then a little cough and a noise. I thought to myself, “that sounds a bit like he’s being sic… oh my word!”He was being sick, and I don’t mean like “oh, your baby spit up” in that sort of cute way, I mean full on projectile vomiting. I honestly have no idea how he had enough in him for the volume that came out. (He’d had butternut squash curry for dinner so you can imagine the scene!)

I found myself saying “it’s ok, Mummy will pull over and we’ll get you cleaned up, it’s ok”. All the while he looked bemused and as if he didn’t really need the reassurance that it was ok (I certainly did!). So, we pulled over in a lay-by and I stripped him (fortunately I had spare clothes to change him) and attempted a mega clean up operation with a serious number of baby wipes. All this was made pretty difficult as he continually tried to roll off the car seat or put his hands in the vomit!

Eventually, we got going again, he went back to sleep and it all seemed fine. Ten minutes from home, he woke and preceded to do exactly the same again. At this point, I made a snap decision to drive fast home rather than stop again!

I’m incredibly grateful for my family who all snapped into action as we arrived home and joined in operation clean up! Sadly I think the car and car seat may well smell for quite some time, particularly in this weather (and it’s not my car, it’s my Mum’s. Sorry Mum!)

We kept a freshly bathed little guy up (watching the Gruffalo) late just to make sure he was ok. He thought it was the best treat ever! And thank goodness he woke up at 6 this morning ravenously hungry and giggling away. There are so many unknowns with babies, I have literally no idea what made him sick.

I wrote previously about those newborn nappy explosions. Those, I now realise, are nothing. However, I am reassured now that I can cope with literally anything (particularly when it comes to bodily functions). I reckon kids make us Mums pretty resilient!



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