Date number 1: A

So, for the first of our 26 lettered dates my husband took the responsibility for planning. I got tea with the little guy ready as normal and as I served up my husband appeared with lots of carrier bags.

After we’d got our little guy down to bed, my husband started covering the dining table in newspaper and announced that it was ‘Art night’. I love an opportunity to be creative and it’s not often we get to do that together so I was really pleased.


It turned out hubby had asked for some advice from friends and had gathered together supplies for two creative activities.

So we were all set-up and the husband sets up the iPad and shows me a video of what we’re going to do.

The video is below and it’s so easy to do…

You fill your whole page in with colourful oil pastels. Then, cover it completely in black oil pastel and using a toothpick you scratch out your pattern.


Here’s what I created. I’m not ashamed to say that I’m pretty darn proud of it!

It took so long to do this that we didn’t get onto our second activity but we’re excited to do some more art together, probably with our little one next time.

It’s not often my husband takes so much time to plan something for us to do together, or that he manages to surprise me (I’m abnormally good at guessing surprises, either that or he’s predictable!) so I honestly think this may have been one of the most thoughtful things he’s ever done.

Although often good dates are ones where you carve out time to chat lots together, an Art night proved that sometimes a thoughtfully planned activity that means you pretty much spend the whole evening concentrating in silence can also be a wonderful date. And parents, let’s be honest, often when we’re doing our art (colouring, or collage) in the day-time our kids often ruin it (join in) and sometimes we just want to have our own picture to finish and be proud of. Or is that just me?


starsinclayjars · January 18, 2017 at 10:16 pm

I love this!! What a brilliant first a-z date! See I think if you do stuff like this you’ll get past E 😉 X

The A to Z of dating · May 30, 2020 at 8:33 am

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