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That’s ok.

During this time, if you’re struggling, that’s ok.

If you’re feeling inspired and energised, that’s ok.

If you’re feeling exhausted and emotional, that’s ok.

If you don’t want to talk to anyone, that’s ok.

If you desperately need to talk to someone, that’s ok.

If you’re loving all the extra time at home, that’s ok.

If you’re desperate to get out, that’s ok.

If you learned loads with your kids today, that’s ok.

If you just put the TV on, that’s ok.

If you feel totally and utterly helpless, that’s ok.

Today is just one day. Tomorrow is another. Things will feel different from day-to-day, even from minute-to-minute, and that’s ok.

The world at the moment is uncertain. Things feel surreal.

It’s ok to find it hard.

It’s ok to not be ok.

Perhaps today was a good day. Perhaps it was not.

The pressure to make this time to count, to educate our kids, to do all the activities, to reflect and use the time well, can be intense.

It can be overwhelming.

If today for you was just about getting through, that’s ok.

Whatever this time needs to be for you that’s ok.

The blessing below is one I often pray at funerals and as I closed a funeral with it this week it felt particularly appropriate in this weird time we’re in.

Whatever today has looked like for you, however you have felt, I pray that you have felt ‘held’. Whether you believe in God or not, I pray that you have felt loved. I pray that you feel free from pressure and find time, even if only for a moment, in each day just to ‘be’.

Sending you all so much love xx

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