The lovely Rachel, who blogs over at Rachel Ridler: Mum on a Mission, is sending Joy on a journey.
I was the first recipient of Joy which means I received a lovely gift from Rachel and the opportunity to take some time to reflect about joy and write down my thoughts.
I’ll be sending Joy on to the next recipient who will get to read my thoughts in her ‘Passport’. I thought I’d also share them all with you guys too as I’d love to know what comes to your minds when you think of joy.
What does joy mean to me? It’s more than happiness, it’s something that is deep and grounding. Often when with kids at church, I would ask where they feel something and what does it feel like, particularly when it comes to receiving from God and so I ask myself where do I feel joy? And the answer is, I feel it way deep down in my heart. It’s hard to describe but it’s way down deep in there. It’s in my soul, not my head and when I feel deep down joy I know the presence of God.
Where do you feel joy and what does it feel like? The times when I have experienced the most joy are the times when the world might instead have chosen despair. For example, when both my husband and I left our jobs and had very little money, we were truly able to learn ‘to be content whatever our circumstances’ (Philippians 4:11). When we fully trusted in God, we chose joy. Joy is a gift and also a choice.
Now, as a mum, whenever I want to witness true joy I watch my toddler totally immersed in something he loves such as watching animals. He daily invites me to choose joy and marvel in the beauty of God in the everyday, whether that’s watching a tiny bird hopping around the garden or simply enjoying how God has given us the ability to be creative.
I often find it’s in those moments that I feel closest to God that I am also acutely aware of feeling the most joy.
When are those moments for you?


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Michelle Twin Mum · February 22, 2017 at 8:32 pm

Beautiful post, joy is most definitely a choice and a truly fabulous one to make. Happiness is just surface deep and dependant on circumstances but joy comes form knowing Him. Mich x

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