So, we started off really keen to complete our full A to Z of dates but it seems that we paused after letterand didn’t even notice! Such is parenthood it seems. We did, however, complete our J date last year so here it is.

We went to the open-air cinema at Caversham Court Gardens to watch Jurassic Park. We went once for an anniversary celebration to watch Les Mis at Hampton Court, we had champagne and it was a lovely sunny evening so we had fond memories. This time around, whilst it was lovely, it was a whole lot chillier and the ground was a whole lot less soft so I have to admit it wasn’t quite as cosy!

We had a rug to sit on, between us we had seven layers of clothing, and we had a good selection of nibbles but the pins and needles and the chilly air were too much for us… we actually didn’t even make it to the end of the film! However, if we’d taken some cushions, camping chairs (or forked out for bean bags!) and wrapped up more then it would definitely have been a great date! If you haven’t been before then I totally recommend it.

Let’s see how many more dates we can get in now baby is due very shortly. Perhaps if we get K done quickly then L could be labour… maybe not!


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