If you’ve read my blog before then you will know that my life features poo and vomit far more than is normal for a human being.

Babies and toddler are messy. It’s inevitable that as a parent you will spend much of your time wiping them and wiping up after them. And in order to wipe you need something to do the wiping! We use cheeky wipes and they are brilliant!

Simply pop a few drops of essential oils and water into your container and you’re ready to go! They can be taken out in ‘out and about travel bags’ and just need to be popped in the washing machine to get them fresh again.

Why do we love them so much?

They’re great for sensitive bottoms
My husband and I both have quite sensitive skin and our son has sadly inherited it.  He has reacted to most of the well-known baby wipe brands but he has never reacted to cheeky wipes. They’re 99.84% water and a few drops of essential oils which seems to be a winning combination for soft bottoms.

They’re great for the environment
I really wanted to do re-useable nappies but it was just too tricky in our tiny house with our washing machine in the basement down a narrow staircase! So, I was relieved to find something I could change to help the environment. The wipes can also be washed at 30 degrees (although I often wash the pooey ones on a higher heat) and they can be chucked in with other washing. Considering that my washing machine is already on the go most days anyway it hasn’t actually increased its use.

They’re great for wiping
Each wipe can be folded in half and half again as you wipe. They’re super absorbent and super effective at getting off the muck. I can use just one to do a pooey nappy. There is no way I could do that with only one baby wipe.

They’re great for your wallet
Once you’ve bought the kit for £39.99 that’s it, you’re all set. Even better, pop it on your baby wish list and someone else might buy it for you!

Check out cheeky wipes online here. I could not recommend them highly enough. They’re definitely one of my favourite baby products. 

I’d also love to know if anyone uses any other cheeky wipes products? I’d like to be brave enough to use reusable sanitary pads or toilet paper but would love to hear from someone else who has first!

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