Our little guy has got quite a few words down. He’s been proudly saying Mama for over a month now (obviously I’m thrilled. I’m his first word – woohoo!), he’s got ‘milk’ and ‘more’. He’s trying ‘banana’ (baba) and ‘bread’. You can tell where his heart lies as most of his words are food related. ‘Doggy’ was pretty early on too. He loves my parents’ dog and he shouts ‘dog’ very excitedly when he sees her!

But, he’s not saying Dada. Poor Daddy. He has once or twice muttered what very much sounded like “Dada” but when asked to repeat it he smiles cheekily and says, “Mama”. He’ll also copy most words/sounds but if you attempt to get him to copy “Daddy” then he just giggles or says “Mama”. It is hilarious. We’re now at the point where we wonder whether actually he really is just being funny rather than not being able to say it. Can a 10 month old do that?!

He really is a character with such a cheeky sense of humour. I love seeing more of his personality each day and the cheeky side is particularly fun!

Part of the deep joy of parenthood for me is getting to learn who my son is. What kind of character has God given him? Before we start teaching him to be kind, to be loving, to be all those other things we try to teach our kids, what is it that makes him truly him because he was made that way? Is he more like me or his Daddy? And does he have parts of him that just aren’t like either of us?

I wonder, what are you discovering about your kids? And I wonder, how do we as parents nurture their God given character and encourage them more into who they were made to be?


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