So, suffice to say, maternity leave is definitely different the second time around. I might have felt more prepared for it in some ways but in others I certainly have not!

Similarly to last time, it starts with a stinking cold. I’m pretty sure my immune system just said, “phew, I’ve been holding on and I can’t do it anymore…” But, in contrast to the first time around, I didn’t spend my first day of maternity leave in bed, in my pyjamas, napping and watching box sets all day long!

As my husband was going to work slightly later I figured I’d have a longer shower (luxury is different nowadays). I’d only just got the shampoo into my hands when I turned around to see my toddler stripping down and heard, “me coming in too Mummy”. And, there’s not much you can do to stop an adamant toddler from climbing into the shower once they’ve decided that’s what they want!

And the day went on much as it began, trying to keep up with my energetic toddler (who if he was an animal I’m sure would be a Springer Spaniel!) Anyone else who has a toddler of similar energy will understand that sadly you can’t get them to watch films and snuggle all day, you just have to get out of the house if you want to keep any kind of sanity, and not have your house destroyed.

Today, day three of maternity leave, Daddy and the little guy went out for a walk this afternoon and I took a much-needed nap. I’ll be honest it would have been far more enjoyable if I wasn’t sniffling and coughing so much. There’s something wonderful about just sleeping because you can, rather than because you need to! Bring on next week when I have some nursery days home on my own.

However, one thing that has filled me with great joy is the fact that I am sitting down here to write this blog. I have felt like my mind has been full to overflowing with pregnancy, work and general life and I’ve really struggled to find the headspace to write, even though I’ve so desperately wished I could. So, here’s to maternity leave which isn’t technically a rest but already mentally feels so much lighter! I hope you’re still with me as I get back into writing again after my pregnant pause.


channelislandmama · May 10, 2018 at 9:18 am

I hear you Mama … when I was pregnant with number two I used to look back fondly at my first pregnancy … full of lovely yoga, lie-ins and a maternity leave if lattes, books and lying out in the sun. The second time round I was literally sprinting across parks at 10 months trying to stop number 1 from throwing himself in front of a car 🙄😬

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