Anyone else feel the internal struggle of growing your child’s independence vs. wanting them to rely on you still?

I have a pretty independent, and stubborn, 10 month old and he’s very keen to do stuff on his own (until he gets cross then I must do it for him, immediately!). He’s never been a particularly cuddly baby, he’s all for a quick cuddle then back to playing.

I absolutely love that he wants to do things on his own, that he wants to just go into his group at church. But, as his mummy, I want to know he still needs me too. So, I have to admit that when I arrive to pick him up and he flaps his arms and squeals excitedly (for a while he used to cry because it meant time to stop playing!) it fills me with such deep joy. It affirms who I am as a mother.

So, perhaps I’ll say, ‘go play little guy and be independent, learn to do things on your own, but don’t forget to come back to your mummy for a cuddle every now and then!’


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