Thank you to my friends who have asked when I’ll be writing another blog because they want to read it. I so appreciate the encouragement. You will have noticed a 3 month absence, a short rest if you will. This is reflective of how the last 3 months of my life has been, and it has been wonderful.

My husband and I decided 6 months ago that it was worth taking a break and spending time finding the right job and place for us to live and we had no idea at the time that we so needed the time out. We are so incredibly grateful to my parents for housing us; I wouldn’t have imagined feeling the most rested I have done in years with a 7 month old baby.

I think often we have no idea how tired or run down we are until we properly stop and take time to find deep rest. So, if you’re given an opportunity to rest, take it! No job is worth being so tired or stressed that you are unable to be present or emotionally available for your family. Taking time to prioritise and figure out where you want to invest your energy is so worthwhile and has helped us to realign our priorities as a family. We can’t wait to enter the next stage of life as a family as we finish our ‘extended sit-down’ and move on to what’s next.


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