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Charlotte is the owner and creator of Looking After Your Pennies.  A personal finance blog with an eco-friendly twist.  She talks about all things money and building confidence in this area.  I love following Charlotte on Instagram and I’ve been wanting to share some more posts talking about money so I’m delighted that, in this post, she shared why she is a big fan of money conversations.

I like talking!  I also like money.  Combining the two is a complete dream for me.  But I don’t think I should be alone in opening up to conversations about money.

There is no one that is immune to having to deal with money in their lives and we all hold on to thoughts and feelings about it.  Yet, unlike our favourite TV programmes or the weather, most of us refuse to entertain a discussion on the subject.

Here I am to tell you that great things come from talking about money.  There are many but today I am just listing my favourites.  Enjoy!

Release old stories

We all have memories of money.  Perhaps we watched a parent struggle with credit card debt or had an ex that made us pay for everything.

All those stories influence how we feel about saving and spending.  But when we talk about them with someone we trust, we can learn to let them go.  To move on from those negative thoughts and feelings.  And when we do that, great things happen.

Fight inequality

One of the biggest injustices in the world is that some people get paid more money than others for doing the same job.  This can be down to gender, race, sexuality or whether or not they have a disability.

When we make conversations around our pay a normal part of the office chit-chat, then we can bring these unjust practices to light and work to tackle them.

Work towards our dreams

There’s a lot to be said for putting our heads down and working towards our goals.  I, personally, prefer to combine this with a singing-them-from-the-rooftops approach too.

When we share our money goals with other people, it invites new opportunities into our lives.  If you are saving up for a trip to Mauritius, then tell people about it.  That way if they see a great deal at the travel agents for exactly that then they’ll be more likely to tell you about it.

Inspire others 

It doesn’t matter where you are on your money journey, you can inspire people regardless.  There will be others out there that want to be in the position that you are in and you can be the catalyst for them to make that change.

Sharing your stories, your struggles and your successes openly will help people to see parts of themselves in you and realise that they can achieve the same.

Consolidate your successes

If you get a promotion, the first thing you do is tell people about it.  They are happy and you feel good.  We need to start making these money celebrations apart of our routines.

When start cheering for each of the successes, we start looking more opportunities to recreate it.  This creates a feeling of excitement around money and programs us to look for more.

What money conversations could you start?

You don’t have to go straight to having all these conversations at once, but I urge you to pick one that you feel most comfortable with and start there.

You will be surprised about what you will learn and create as you break through the taboo and make talking about money as common as money itself.


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