Personal trainers are expensive but this week I’ve found the solution. My four-year old. I’m pretty sure he is honestly the best personal trainer I’ll ever have.

He’s been asking me for ages if he can come with me on a ‘run’. I’ve only been running again for the last month or so, inspired by the fab Vickie aka inpolife. It was not a beginning of lockdown thing for me! I’d really like to start running every day but I honestly cannot figure out what time of day to do that in! Anyway, this week I decided to let him come with me (twice) and he was honestly the most enthusiastic running buddy I think I will ever have.

Here’s why you need to get yourself a four-year old personal trainer.
  • He’ll appear in your room at 6.20am, bouncing up and down, and saying, ‘I’m ready to go for our run mummy. I’ll get my trainers and then can we go running pleeeaaase!?’
  • If you don’t love trying to figure out your route, no problem! Your new trainer will excitedly muse to himself, ‘this way, or that way?’ and without any input from you will choose the whole route for you.
  • Incorporating games into running is a must, including pretending you’re in a rainforest and of course, I-spy. My favourite round being… ‘I-spy with my little eye something that is making you go really fast… it’s your trainers mummy!’
  • He’ll pause, just for a moment, to say, ‘I’m really tired’ and then less then 10 seconds later is running again. He keeps you on your toes!
  • Don’t worry though, there are plenty rest breaks. Stopping to look down rabbit holes, to spot ducks on the pond and to have a go on a swing is obligatory.
  • When you think he’s tiring (and you are too) and you ask, ‘ok, shall we go home?’ He replies ‘No! I’m running again!’ And you get another sprint or two in.
  • He’s a great encourager. Offering gems such as:
    ‘Keep going!’
    ‘You really like running don’t you?!’
    ‘Good running Mummy!’
  • But, then he also throws out great challenges like, ‘let’s run to this bench’ and then says, ‘I can’t believe I keep beating you Mummy’.
  • When you do get home, he immediately asks if you can go again as soon. And, you know he’ll ask again so that you do actually end up going!
  • However, my fave thing about my new personal trainer… he tells everyone all day proudly that you both went for a run. And shouts things like, ‘oh, are you off to do exercise like Mummy and I did?’ when someone else is heading out of the house. All whilst you sit back feeling smug.


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