“There’s poo on the floor”

I just wrote a blog about something totally different but then the poo incident happened…

I would have thought that we’ve had our fair share of poo incidents and each time I think, “that must be it now”, but it seems not. On the last occasion, little guy kicked off his nappy onto the floor (it landed poo side down on the carpet) and he proceeded to roll over (pre wipe) and get poo everywhere!

So, back to today’s incident, we’re having a lovely time, watching the Gruffalo and little one fills his nappy. It seems inoffensive enough so we decide to wait 5 mins to change it. Massive error! Daddy goes to pick him up and he leaves behind so much poo he stains two cushions, and he’s managed to get it on both t-shirt and jumper and his trousers (it’s really quite impressive). There’s nothing for it but for Daddy to pick him up and carry him (at arm’s length) to the bath.

I follow the shouts of, “there’s poo on the floor”, grabbing cushions and cleaning up as I go! Stripped down, little guy is determined to sit down and be bathed (he LOVES the bath!) but eventually we get him stood up, cleaned, showered and out and into clean clothes.

What a palaver! We’ve had sick and poo in the last few days – I sure do hope teeth are on their way! Isn’t parenthood great for teaching us how to just get on and do stuff? Perhaps one day I’ll take about my initiative and ability to cope with any challenge in a job interview and I’ll be able to tell stories of poo incidents? Perhaps not.

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