My granny was a formidable woman. She was a incredibly prayerful and always full of love and laughter. She died on Christmas Day four years ago. She was very poorly and in hospital beforehand but was still a constant ray of sunshine to the staff there – she was desperate to go to Heaven to “be with Jesus” and in the end what better day to go than on the day we celebrate His birth.

My Granny taught me a lot and I am so often aware of her absence, even more acutely at present as I know she would adore her great-grandson. Here are just some of the things she I learnt from her…

#1 The best foods are quiche, pork pies and gammon.

#2 Christmas isn’t Christmas without a “little something to unwrap under the tree”, crackers and the Radio Times in a hessian shopping bag.

#3 If your granddaughter is going to be driving a long journey in the rain, staying up all night to pray for her is no big deal.

#4 Making faces for your grandkids whilst Grandpa says grace is important as a Granny.

#5 It’s important to be able to make a cake in the time it takes your grandchildren to travel to your house.

#6 Cakes can be made and frozen ready for unexpected family visits.

#7 No matter how old you are, you should order ribs when out and enjoy eating them messily!

#8 If you go out for the day with your grandkids and Grandpa shuts your fingers in the car boot, you can just carry on as if nothing happened. Even if you do later find out that your fingers are broken!

#9 It’s important to get involved as part of your church, even if you’re just serving refreshments in the kid’s group – every role is important.

#10 Garden centres are a really nice way to spend your time.

#11 Glove compartments and bedside tables should be full of sweets.

#12 Use-by dates do not matter and your grandkids will enjoy playing “find the oldest thing in the kitchen”

#13 If you have to use a magnifying glass to see the keypad on your phone then texting might not be for you.

#14 Life is for looking after the birds in the garden and spoiling your family.

#15 Oh, and there’s always time for a cup of tea.

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Death – are we ready? – Honest conversation · May 15, 2019 at 2:22 pm

[…] My granny did die in that way. My Mum and I were sat with her in the hospital. She’d been poorly for a while and she felt ready to die. I held her hand as she stopped breathing and it was incredibly powerful. However, although that moment was beautiful for us she did spend a few months in hospital feeling ‘ready’ and frustrated that she hadn’t yet died. For her, I imagine it may have felt more like relief that it was finally happening! […]

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