I just started working again part-time and it’s been very different to work post baby. Here’s some of the things I’ve learnt so far…

#1 When he’s not with me, I think about my baby ALL the time. Like ALL the time, no matter how hard I try not to.

#2 Similarly, no matter how much I’m determined to be an independent Mum who wants her son to be independent I’m desperate to know he’s ok ALL the time!

#3 Working from home is hard because you’re constantly aware that your child is not there but also, that your house is a tip.

#4 No matter how long the days with my baby felt, a work day is longer.

#5 Baby brain is my life now.

#6 I’m now so used to eating before midday that I cannot wait any longer for lunch. If I’m not thinking about the little guy I’m thinking about how long it is until lunch.

#7 A task I might have found really boring previously is now thrilling. Ok, that’s a little over the top but I get to complete tasks without being interrupted all day long. Woohoo!

#8 I can actually finish a to-do list in a day. A day!

#9 I blamed the little guy for the food stains on my clothes. I’m just clumsy and I still spill my food when I’m not with him.

#10 If you dash to a meeting and do a quick changing to hand bag transfer you’ll have no pen but instead nappy bags and teethers. A little embarrassing for your first ever work meeting.

#11 The expression working mum is ridiculous. I was already working pretty hard as a mum. If anything going to my paid work is less hard work than my other day job wrestling a toddler. Raising kids is the best job and I’m just thrilled I now get to be paid to do something else I love alongside it.

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starsinclayjars · September 25, 2016 at 10:20 pm

“Lolling” at number 9! 😂

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