Our laptop has been broken for a few weeks so I’ve been having to use my phone or iPad and it’s not the most fun typing on either! I’m saving a few blogs for when I can type with a keyboard so this is just a quick one…

This photo pretty much sums up our last couple of days. Well, actually a picture of a poo stained vest or of me vomiting might be a better representation but I figured this was more appealing to the eye (and stomach!)

The poor little guy has basically had a cold since birth! It feels like he’s always been snotty or had a cold but I realised that it’d been pretty much 2 months solid coughing this time so I took him to the Doctor. He had a mild ear infection which the Doctor said they’d normally leave to go away on it’s own but as it’d been dragging on he gave us some antibiotics. And he got an inhaler to see if it’ll help his occasional breathlessness.

Thank goodness for understanding Doctors who listen and actually do something. It’s so hard to know with babies and toddlers when it’s time to take them to the Doctor and so hard not to feel guilty for whatever you decide!

The little guy had also been sick twice (quite dramatically) the day before but with no temperature and we’d been having awful nappies so we put it down to teeth at the time. But, now I’ve had a tummy bug and his nappies have been SO much worse so I think we must both had some sort of bug.

Parenthood often feels likes it’s about trying to figure stuff out, not managing to and then just getting through the unknowns and hoping for the best! I’m so grateful for my husband who enabled me to rest and recover from the bug quickly. I don’t know how I’d have carried on through it this time. Being sick whilst parenting is a whole new experience and there are so many bugs around at the moment. Well done all you poorly parents having to carry on regardless – you can do it!


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