JJ loving the aquarium!

After a blissful morning at the aquarium where the little guy was either napping or staring at the fish in wide-eyed awe, we got home and it was like something broke him. He became inconsolable, screaming and crying (actual tears, aren’t they the worst?!) and refusing to settle. I tried to solve all the problems I could think of… Was he hungry? Was his nappy dirty? Did he need a cuddle? Or time alone to play? Or did he need a bounce or jiggle? Was he tired? Once I’d exhausted all the possible reasons I could think of for the screaming I decided we needed to leave the house again!

So, I wrestled my wriggling octopus baby into his coat and his buggy, bundled him up and we got out of the house to go to the park. We bumped down the step out of our house and the screaming stopped. Bliss? He was quiet but he was furious.


Furious baby

Whilst you might look at this photo and think ‘isn’t he cute?’ Whilst, I agree, he is cute, this is not a happy baby, he frowned and stared at me all the way around the park whilst occasionally screaming before returning to that face. Eventually he fell asleep so perhaps that was the problem but who knows?

I know I am incredibly fortunate as, on the whole, he is not a fussy baby. It’s generally fairly straightforward when it comes to answering the question, ‘what’s your problem?’ And at the moment I think he might be teething (although until the teeth actually appear that’s just a nice excuse for not being able to figure out the crying!) However, after just an afternoon of inconsolable baby I have to say I have the greatest admiration for parents who have babies who regularly cannot be soothed. Well done for your patience and determination. You are heroes.


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