The rules of weaning (as told by a 7 month old)

#1 The only reasonable response to an empty bowl or yoghurt pot is to scream and cry actual tears.

#2 Wimper until you get food off other people’s plates. Throw this on the floor immediately and eat what you already had in front of you.

#3 Occasionally get really excited and throw your arms out to the side, and therefore also all the food you had in your hands!

#4 Keep everyone on their toes. Go back and forth between extreme joy to inconsolable tears at a moment’s notice!

#5 Hold your mouth open in the hope your parents will just feed you so you don’t have to bother with finger food.

#6 As soon as they do attempt to get a spoon in your mouth shove a handful of finger food in too!

#7 Struggle to swallow tiny mouthfuls and spit them back up but chew a whole stick of courgette or a potato wedge and eat it in one big gulp!

#8 Be desperate to get out of your highchair but don’t make clean-up easy. Suck your bib, suck the cloth, wait until your hands are clean and put them back in your food, act full but try eating again even as you’re being lifted out of the chair.


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