Beers, Burgers and Bourne – B Date

It was my turn to plan this time and I simply had to ask myself, “what does my husband like?” and I was fortunate that the answers fitted perfectly with the letter B (although he’d probably also add in Fifa!)

The beers were ‘Brewdog’ (hubby’s favourite), the burgers were beef and big and it was all about an evening watching The Bourne Identity.

If I’m honest this date took very little planning, I added the beer and burgers to my online food shop (we often make homemade burgers but I just didn’t have time that day) and I borrowed the DVDs as my brother had got them for Christmas.

The thing is, I don’t love the Bourne movies as a rule, I just have a bit of a thing against Matt Damon (sorry Matt), I don’t know what it is but if he’s in a film I often avoid it. So, my husband has often offered a Bourne movie as an option and he’s met with a face a little something like this:


(I will admit I actually quite enjoyed the film so I probably should have been a bit more open-minded sooner!)

So, whilst it might seem like I put in very little effort to this date it was the thought behind it (and my willingness to watch Matt Damon for 1 hour 59 minutes without complaining the whole time) that meant my husband absolutely loved it! Isn’t it amazing how much we can show someone we care about them when we just choose to do something they love without complaining?!



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