Motherhood in the messy moments


Tonight, as I bathed my exhausted little one, I was thinking about what a privilege it is to be a mother, even during the lows of tummy bugs and teething. Go with me here…

Cleaning up vomit, stripping down a poo-soaked toddler, or holding them tight whilst they’re so frustrated they don’t know what else to do but bite, are not the glamorous parts of motherhood, but they are ones that are a privilege.

Even as an adult when I get sick I kind of still want my Mum. Anyone else with me? In those moments, it doesn’t matter how loving my husband is or how hard he is trying to respond to what I want, there is something about having my Mum there that just makes me feel better.

We get to be that for our kid. We get to be the person covered in poo holding our weeping toddlers and comforting them in a way that no-one else can. We get to say to them, “I know you’re cross, it’s ok to feel angry about it”, whilst soothing them and helping them to calm down. We get to sing to them whilst they struggle to settle and are sobbing to sleep.

Being a Mum is tiring. Sometimes it’s lonely. Sometimes the ugly, messy bits of motherhood seem to far outweigh the good.

I am exhausted right now. My toddler is into his second tummy bug in less than two weeks and just when I thought he was getting better today he’s gotten worse again. But, being his Mum is an absolute privilege. I am honoured to get to be the person he wants when he’s feeling hopeless, tired and sick. I am honoured to get to help him learn how to deal with his frustration and anger.

Today, a really messy day, I’m incredibly grateful that I get to be his Mum.

Mamas, you’ve got this. You’re who your kid needs. Even when you feel like you can hardly function, you’re covered in poo, vomit, food or whatever else you’ve had thrown at you, and you’re not sure what you’re supposed to be doing, you’re the Mum your kid wants.  You get to be that person for them.


  1. I always like to think that when they are like that with you they are also showing how comfortable they are with you. That they trust you and they know how much you love them because even when they get angry and messy and other people will hand them back to you, you carry on cuddling them, trying with every ounce of energy left in you to make them smile, or at least a little closer to wanting to smile.

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