It can be easy to feel the pressure to do more stuff as a parent. I know I’ve definitely felt it and I am a big advocate for doing all you can to free yourself from that pressure and allowing yourself to do as much as you want to do, particularly when it comes to doing faith with our kids. I explain this because it could be easy to look at the resources from GodVenture and think it’s just more stuff to do, however GodVenture resources are different. Victoria (of GodVenture) creates the most wonderful prompts for doing faith together as a family. Not worksheets or set activities but an invitation to explore together with no pressure to get to any kind of set outcome.

The Hope Box

The Hope Box* comes full of activities to explore the theme of hope. My boys loved breaking it open and scattering the contents across the table! Cue me scrabbling about on the floor finding all the things that rolled away. The box contains a whole load of prompts for doing different things together. When we opened it, Big bro was particularly excited about the washi tape and Little bro about the bubbles!

Immediately, we sat down and made cards together for about an hour – as we made them we chatted about who we could send them to, pondering who we thought needed a ‘love card’ (Big bro’s words). The boys were so excited to pop stamps on and take a wander to the post box later that afternoon so we could each post them.

Whilst we made cards I read through the bits in the box. Then, we chatted a bit about what was on them and we thought a bit about hope. It’s something we’ll definitely come back to.

Every tea time we share what’s been the best bit of our day and talk about what we’re thankful for . So, the ‘thanks’ poster is a great extension of that for us (when we remember to write on it!)

There are some fab prompts for praying together. Everything in the box invites you to adapt it to work for your unique family and gives you ways to explore the Bible together.

What we loved

I love that each activity gets you thinking about how you might explore something together as a family. My boys loved creating cards together and then both boys were interested in different things. Big bro loved the idea of lighting a candle to pray for someone. It was something he knew I’d done at a funeral recently. Little bro just loves all things bubbles so he enjoyed those! I reckon the whole box would be particularly good for kids who could read the cards with you and actively lead on what they want to do next. However,my 2 and 4 year old still loved it.

If you haven’t checked out GodVenture then you totally should. You’ll find the Hope Box here. If you click around the website you’ll find lots of other activities and blog posts and even a review of my book. I’d love to know if you’ve used GodVenture resources (or are now going to) and what you think!

*Victoria (of GodVenture) sent us our Hope Box as a gift under no obligation to write about it. I wanted to because I thought it was great! All of my views in the blog are my own.


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