The National Parenting Initiative (NPI) are an organisation passionate about encouraging families and seeing families strengthened, whose desire is to see families healthy and strong. I connected with them a few years ago when I worked for Parenting for Faith.

This weird season look so different for each of us. One resource doesn’t fit all. So, my aim is always to just share what’s out there so you can take whatever works for your family and leave the rest!

The NPI exist to champion organisations and resources for families and churches and to signpost to parenting courses. They do the hard work of sifting through and finding the good stuff so you don’t have to.

The lovely Kayte, who works for the NPI, has shared a little bit about what NPI is all about. Have a read below.

How’s parenting been for you today? 

How’s parenting been for you today?  For me (so far) there have been moments of enormous pride, a bit of anxiety and some tiredness.  If any of those resonate with you  too, then hi! 

Even though it is perfectly normal to feel these (and many other emotions), when it comes to parenting there is still some hesitation to admit to them, not least when comparison comes knocking – Laura doesn’t get in a flap with her toddler like I do, Becky’s baby sleeps through the night, Lou’s son doesn’t hit people like mine does. 

When you throw into the mix the fact that the internet seems crammed full of different opinions, libraries have bookshelves stuffed full of parenting advice, and of course there’s Great Aunt Edna, who swears by x, y or z remedy for croup and loudly attests, “babies weren’t like that in my day”, it’s little wonder so many of us feel confused, overwhelmed and can’t hear ourselves think.  It’s. Just. So. Loud.

As a Christian parent, I have often stopped over the years and asked God to help me and give me wisdom in my parenting. Perhaps you have too? Confusing as the reams and reams of advice may feel, I don’t believe we were born for confusion in this area, and precious time is stolen away when comparison drains the joy from our day.

While all families are unique and bring their own skills and strengths to the table, the reality is that parenting can be hard.  However, confusion can be replaced with clarity, and discouragement eased when sound advice is received and kind help given. Feeling encouraged and empowered in our parenting can make all the difference to whether we thrive or survive on the journey. 

The National Parenting Initiative

I work for the National Parenting Initiative – a Christian charity with a vision to encourage churches to support families in their communities.  We sift through and find parenting gems to share through our website and social media channels, aiming to encourage, inspire and educate.  Ultimately our heart is to see families healthy and strong.

So whether you are after some Covid-19 lockdown encouragement, are interested in doing a parenting course or want some inspiration for sharing faith with your children, then head over to our website, and take a look.  In fact, if you have any questions or are interested in courses, we’d love to connect with you via

If parenting today has been a tough one, be encouraged that tomorrow is a new day and a fresh start.  Oh, and if you need croup advice, maybe Great Aunt Edna is a good place to start.

The national parenting initiative log


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