Hello! Thank you for visiting, it’s lovely to meet you.

I’m Annie, Mum to two boys – Little brother and Big brother (or the little guy in pre-Little brother blog posts!)

I blogged a little before becoming a Mum but started writing about parenthood just before my oldest was born when I realised how many of my friends (parents and parents-to-be) were crying out for more honest accounts of parenthood.

Having worked with young people, children and families in schools, homes and churches I’ve met a lot of children and parents and I’m really passionate about children knowing deep down that they are loved and valued. As a Christian, I aim to raise God-connected kids who have a relationship with him.

So, I hope you enjoy my honest blogs about the joys and struggles of being a Mum and of doing faith in the everyday messiness of life with little ones.

Annie x

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